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Accepting new clients on a limited basis only -- under 30 lbs at adult weight.


A groom includes a deep cleansing bath, using highest quality shampoos formulated and manufactured here in the U.S. Different formulas, including hypoallergenic treatments are available. Our luxurious shampoos are made by Espree products. All bathing is done in our state of the art tub featuring a cushioned bottom, ramps for larger dogs or those not accustomed to being picked up, and a therapeutic bathing system to incorporate massage into the bathing process.

We use a stainless steel tub and water system designed and sold specifically for bathing dogs. The standard bath and blow includes trimming nails, cleaning ears, and basic detangling. For severely matted dogs, there may be an additional charge for this time consuming service.


Your dog is then clippered, hand stripped, or hand scissored into the style discussed between you and the groomer. Christine has been grooming show and pet dogs for over twenty years and is widely considered one of the best groomers available in the area. All of the dogs are groomed by her or her assistant groomer whom she has trained and supervises.


Our newest service is cleaning your pet’s teeth using our state of the art “Tooth Envy” Water pik type device.


All groomings include ear cleaning and nail trimming. When appropriate, we can also use a rotary tool to grind the nail back allowing the nails to be much shorter and having no sharp edges.


De-skunking is done as needed (sadly)…we also have a long discussion with your dog as far as choosing more appropriate friends. We use a special shampoo to remove the sulfurous smell of skunks.


We offer Eye Envy treatments to minimize the tear stains which are commonly seen in light coated breeds such as Bichon Frise or Maltese. This treatment is specifically formulated to diminish the dark tear stains under your dog’s eye which are actually bacterial in nature. We use a commercial grade of Eye Envy which is available at retail for you to continue the treatments at home. This unique product is also available in the front of the store for purchase.


All natural flea and tick treatments are proving very effective this year.For prevention, we can apply Frontline or similar treatments either that prescribed by your vet or we can use an over-the-counter version. For elimination of fleas and ticks, we have a special medicated shampoo and protocol.