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Accepting new clients on a limited basis only -- under 30 lbs at adult weight.


"Like people, dogs come in all shapes and sizes and with lots of personalities. Christine Meyer, owner of Wags & Whiskers, and her fabulous staff understand that each dog, like its owner, is a distinct individual. With love, care and understanding, they make sure each dog they groom is made comfortable and feels safe in their care. Christine is also a great resource for tips on health and behavior problems that bedevil a dog’s owner. In my case, my Wire Hair Fox Terrier, Harry, is a sock eater with disastrous (and expensive results). Her advice for me and concern for Harry has been inestimable. Sometimes I think Harry likes it better at the shop than he does at home."
Susan, Barry & Harry the Terrier

"We have been taking our dogs to Wags and Whiskers since they opened in 1991. When our salt and pepper schnauzer was old and intolerant of brushing, Christine would brush him for me. Our black schnauzer loves to go to the shop and wants to stop by on his daily walks. He play-bows to the staff and customers. He is very happy to be there. We have often gotten comments from people on the street about how fabulous our dogs look after a grooming. We also love the high quality snacks and food available. Christine and her staff are very knowledgeable about dog behavior and have been able to help us with health related issues."

"Wags and Whiskers offers excellent grooming, wonderful supplies, and a caring environment for your pets. We have nothing but praise and highly recommend them."
Helen Liberatore

"We've been using Wags & Whiskers for years and we love them!
White Plains, NY